Engagement in the Always-on Era – Ergebnisse der neusten Verint Studie

How humans and technology work hand-in-hand to meet rising expectations

New Verint global study of 34,000+ consumers across 18 countries explores how demand for 24/7 service has shifted attitudes towards technology in the workplace

Technology is everywhere. We’re connected 24/7and the way we communicate and engage has changed dramatically. We chat and catch up with family and friends via the latest technology whenever and however we want. We communicate and consume in multiple ways, on multiple devices via multiple channels, online and via social media.

As consumers, we’re all becoming so tech savvy that we expect that all organisations – banks, utility companies, retailers – to engage with us in the same way and immediately. To meet this challenge, we’re now seeing changes in the way we work; humans and technology working hand-in-hand to deliver better business outcomes and increased efficiencies.

Engagement in the Always-on Era explores these seismic changes and looks at the behaviours and attitudes of different generations towards technology, both as a consumer, and at work.

In this webinar Marije Gould, VP Marketing EMEA, will discuss the rise of ‘always-on service’ and the need to prepare a strategy to engage with the future generation of customers and employees.